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MacBook Nano: Is it possible?

Seeing this picture made our hopes rise, but they were quickly ducked down a notch. The photo is actually a fantasy mock-up of from Electro^Plankton. This doesn’t mean that we’ll never see something like this as a physical object though. The possibility is there for such an object to be created, maybe sooner then we think. What would be Apple’s ...

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Rumor: 15.4-inch MacBook coming in 2Q

We know for some of you the thought of a larger MacBook makes you drool. You might be seeing them quicker then you think. Sources in Taiwan are saying that a 15.4-inch MacBook might be shipping by mid-year. With MacBook sales ever increasing so far in 2007, the sources also say it is most likely to see even more of ...

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Hands on with the Rhinoskin MacBook Pro Hardcase

Many laptop cases do not protect the laptop they are carrying. What if someone was to bump into you and the laptop was to fall to the floor? Well, if you were using the new Rhinoskin MacBook Pro Hardcase, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing! Because of its durable ABS hardcase, it will not break. So it won’t ...

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FastMac replacement battery keeps your laptop alive (for a bit)

Laptops now-a-days are so jam packed with features that it seems there is no limits on what they can do. That is until you think about the abismal battery life that all your brand new hardware is sucking away at. Batteries are an obstical that the tech industry needs to overcome soon. CPUs use less and less power with the ...

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Macworld: New Rhinoskin Macbook Hardcase, slick and well designed

At the Rhinoskin booth today, they we’re showing off their nice new iPod cases, but of couse, there are so many iPod cases already released that they needed something else. They definitely had that something else. The new Macbook Hardcase looks very nice with it’s hard ABS plastic outer shell that looks as if it’s an army ready to fight ...

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WiiSaber – Mac users, the force is with you

For all of you envious of the legendary Jedi Guy videos, the Mac users among you might now be able to live out your dream. The application, WiiSaber, turns your Wiimote into a fully functional light saber, which you can swing and attack with as if you were a Jedi in training. Those of you who remember the MacSaber, which ...

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