Hands on with the Rhinoskin MacBook Pro Hardcase

rhinoskin macbookpro case

Many laptop cases do not protect the laptop they are carrying. What if someone was to bump into you and the laptop was to fall to the floor? Well, if you were using the new Rhinoskin MacBook Pro Hardcase, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing! Because of its durable ABS hardcase, it will not break. So it won’t break, that’s not that big of a deal. What else makes the Rhinoskin MacBook Pro Hardcase so special?

rhinoskin macbook pro case straps

Let’s start with the underbelly of the hardcase first. The straps of a case don’t seem to be that big of a deal, but with the Rhinoskin, something is done to make straps a different experience than what you are used to. Their new design of little circular tabs that can be inserted into the sockets and pushed out with ease, you can rearrange the straps to fit however you want. You can have a backpack, sidepack, or just a short carrying handle. Also on the underside is the airvents that ensure that your MacBook doesn’t overheat. Many cases assume that you will take your laptop out before using it, but with the Rhinoskin, you can use your MacBook while it is sitting right in the case.

rhinoskin macbook pro case ports

As you can see here, the Rhinoskin allows for full accessibility to all of the ports on the side of your MacBook Pro. On the opposite side, it also allows you to use the disc drive by way of a drop-down flap. Features like these are what make the Rhinoskin hardcase so adaptable to whatever situation you are in. Whether you need to take out your laptop or not, the Rhinoskin is ready to whatever you need. When you open the case, as this picture shows, you can also flip the top around below the bottom to act as a sort of stands. This is due to the double-hinged design on the back, and it just gets the top out of the way when you want to use your MacBook.

The Rhinoskin MacBook Pro hardcase is not for the faint of heart. It gets the job done without any extra frills thrown in there. Its dead simple design both on top and bottom emphasize the thought put into making this an enjoyable experience. For only $59, you too can protect your MacBook Pro with a case guaranteed not to break. –Nik Gomez

MacBook Pro Hardcase [Rhinoskin]

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  1. This hard case is great, except it cuts off the DVI adaptor port at the rear right of the laptop, so if you are planning to run your laptop to an external monitor, as I was, you’ll have to take it out of this case. That sort of defeated the purpose for me. Not impressed. Not as advertised. Disappointing result.

  2. I would also recommend you avoid this case. On my first day using it, the strap came loose from the socket causing my laptop to crash to the floor. Thinking I had simply not secured it properly, I tested it several times and found that no matter how tightly I had snapped the strap into the sockets, it still frequently slipped loose. After that, I only used the case to protect my laptop inside my backpack.

    In addition, after only five months of use, the drop-down flap that covers the ports fell off (it’s quite obviously flimsy).

    I will say one positive thing for it: it adequately protected my laptop when it fell about three feet to a wood surface. Unfortunately, it fell because, as I mentioned, the strap came loose.

    I would recommend instead getting Rhinoskin’s aluminum case, which is more durable and has a more intelligent (normal) strap mechanism. I own one now and am quite pleased with it–much better design over all; also, slimmer (still, I can’t help but worry that the strap-holder, which is plastic, will break one of these days and send my laptop crashing). The aluminum case is furiously expensive on Rhinoskin’s site, but can be had for under $60 if you shop around.

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