Macworld: New Rhinoskin Macbook Hardcase, slick and well designed

rhinoskin macbook hardcase

At the Rhinoskin booth today, they we’re showing off their nice new iPod cases, but of couse, there are so many iPod cases already released that they needed something else. They definitely had that something else. The new Macbook Hardcase looks very nice with it’s hard ABS plastic outer shell that looks as if it’s an army ready to fight against the enemy that is the hard ground. It will come in both black and white colors. Gearfuse will have one of these cases in the near future to review so that you, the reader, will know whether Rhinoskin’s Macbook Hardcase is really worth its price ($59.95). — Nik Gomez

Rhinoskin Macbook Hardcase Product Page [Saunders]

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