FastMac replacement battery keeps your laptop alive (for a bit)

fastmac battery

Laptops now-a-days are so jam packed with features that it seems there is no limits on what they can do. That is until you think about the abismal battery life that all your brand new hardware is sucking away at. Batteries are an obstical that the tech industry needs to overcome soon. CPUs use less and less power with the introduction of each new product, but this can only go so far.

If you happen to have a MacBook, here is a product that can help you keep working after your internal battery calls it quits. FastMac’s TruePower battery is basically a 60-watt rechargeable lithium polymer battery (it’s a replacement). For only about $100, it’s $30 cheaper than if you went straight though Apple for a new battery. Just remember what the concequenses are of a hot laptop! –Nik Gomez

Extend your MacBook’s battery life with FastMac [via CrunchGear]

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