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The Launch Of The LADEE By NASA!


This week saw the launch of LADEE by NASA! The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer launched on Friday at 11:27 EDT. The LADEE is on a mission to explore the atmosphere around the moon and to take a closer look at the dust that is seen emanating from the moon's surface.

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In Wake of Facebook Places Launch, Foursquare Has Record Number of Signups

While the talks heat up about the future of Foursquare in the wake of Facebook Places’ choppy launch, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley tweeted that yesterday set a new company record in terms of new user signups. While this can largely be attributed to Foursquare’s newly found nook in the media following the launch of Places, it bears repeating that Facebook ...

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iPhone 3G S Officially Drops Today

If you’re reading this on anything other than a mobile phone, chances are you’ve missed out on the launch of the iPhone 3G S. Stores like Apple and Best Buy opened early to handle pre-order demand whilst anyone who didn’t pre-order is probably crying at the checkout counter. PC World got some unboxing pics. Nothing really exciting, especially if you’ve ...

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Two Days Later: The Palm Pre

Over the weekend, Palm launched its comeback kid, the Pre. Equipped with a WebOS, multi-touch gestures and the Spring network, it seems as if someone is finally ready to take on Apple and the iPhone. So what went down? Generally, response was positive. Reviews around the ‘net indicate the Pre is a solid phone and that Sprint’s network works like ...

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Nokia Ovi Launches

Ovi. What sounds like a menstruation period for a woman is actually Nokia’s attempt at an application store. According to TechCrunch and several other blogs, the service has launched but it’s hardly working. Search results yield nothing of value and the categories are all screwed up. Looking for a top ten apps list? No one’s been able to accomplish that ...

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Wolfram Alpha Launches Tonight

While I don’t see Wolfram Alpha becoming a total Google-killer, I can see it gaining a lot of ground in the coming weeks. The “computational search engine” launches tonight at 7pm PDT and will finally be available to the public after a brief webcast. Wolfram Alpha looks badass though, as you could totally use it to solve complex mathematical problems ...

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It’s Official: The Amazon Kindle DX

After all that hype! 9.7-inches of fury with a $489 price tag. Get ready to witness Amazon’s blitzkrieg on the newspaper and textbook industries. Sporting 4GB of storage and native PDF support doesn’t hurt either. Did we mention EVDO? Oh yeah. Very nice. Look for the Kindle DX to drop this summer. [amazon link=”B0015TCML0″ title=”Link”]

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Palm Pre Dropping At Best Buy Next Month

Another Monday, another rumor. This time around, “sources” are saying that the upcoming Palm Pre, complete with WebOS and all, is going to be available June 7th at Best Buy. However, this will be a limited rollout, with only 4500 units being available. The carrier? Sprint. And if that wasn’t bad enough, look at these pricing numbers being thrown around: ...

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