Two Days Later: The Palm Pre


Over the weekend, Palm launched its comeback kid, the Pre. Equipped with a WebOS, multi-touch gestures and the Spring network, it seems as if someone is finally ready to take on Apple and the iPhone. So what went down? Generally, response was positive. Reviews around the ‘net indicate the Pre is a solid phone and that Sprint’s network works like a charm. Most stores have sold out around the country as Palm has supplied limited inventory, probably on purpose.

But unfortunately, I have a feeling the Pre will be overshadowed by today’s WWDC announcements regarding the iPhone 3GS. And the fact that most people will not switch from their current carrier to Sprint is going to hurt Palm big time. The solution? Palm needs to make a huge push next year with Verizon and AT&T to get the Pre into the spotlight. Maybe then it’ll be able to give Apple a real scare.


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  1. Considering what this phone is being touted as, as a “multi-process” platform, that seems to be highly limiting and no one else has mentioned this as far as I can tell.

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