Wolfram Alpha Launches Tonight


While I don’t see Wolfram Alpha becoming a total Google-killer, I can see it gaining a lot of ground in the coming weeks. The “computational search engine” launches tonight at 7pm PDT and will finally be available to the public after a brief webcast. Wolfram Alpha looks badass though, as you could totally use it to solve complex mathematical problems in one click. Who says you need to study for that Calculus I test? Just plug it all into Wolfram and go!


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  1. I find it amusing to find that everybody has to prove that WA is not a Google killer. It seems self evident that they are two different beasts. You cannot use a destroyer to transport containers- two differents beasts!
    To state that WA will make learning Calculus obsolete is a total nonsense. Without studying mathematics you won’t be able to formulate a question, let alone understand the answers. Same applies to other scientific disciplines. This is simply a tool to solve problems. Without knowing what the problem is, it is pointles to use it.
    I see it as great project. It may even get some brains to work again.

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