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First Wave of iPhone 3G Reviews Are In

There is always the Apple fanboy (as well as the general consumer) who wants to read reviews despite the close release of a product. In this case, the iPhone 3G comes out on Friday and the NY Times, WSJ and USA Today have all reviewed the latest iPhone. The verdict? Generally awesome, overall. Data speeds are “much, much faster” according ...

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MobileMe Launches Tomorrow

You sly .Mac users will be happy to know that Apple has confirmed the official launch date of MobileMe as July 9th. That means tomorrow you’ll be able to strut over to your local Apple store and purchase a copy of MobileMe. Rumors are flying about that Apple may also launch the App Store for the iPhone in addition to ...

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Sharp’s announces worlds first dual-mode tuner module for T-DMB and DVB-H

Sharp’s first dual-mode transmitter, the VA3B5EZ915, is capable of tuning in on both T-DMB and DVB-H terrestrial digital broadcasts. Sharp claims this device to be the first of its kind. With the launch of One-Seg in Japan, other similar services have started popping up in other areas in the Eastern Hemisphere, including DVB-H for some areas of Europe, and T-DMB ...

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Korea gets first dibs on RAZR 2

Ya know, Koreans get all the luck when it comes to cool mobile phone launches. Almost ALL of the cool designs get released over their first. The recently revealed RAZR 2 is no different. The iconic Motorola designed cell will make a Korean launch in June. The RAZR 2 will feature a 2-inch external screen and a 2.2-inch internal screen, ...

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RUMOR: Mac Leopard, eight-core Mac Pros launching at NAB

Sources are saying that at next month’s upcoming NAB event, a mere 25 days away, Apple will launch its release of the Mac Leopard operating system, along with eight-core Mac Pros. Leopard has been rumored as having a release in late-March to mid-April, and sources say that its release at NAB is all but officially confirmed. The timing of a ...

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Beer launching fridge

[ev type=”youtube” data=”iqAzMSM-7o4″][/ev]   We have seen fridges that can defrost chicken and grow strawberries, but we have never encountered the one John Cornwell built, a fridge that can launch beers. Have you ever gotten up off the couch to get a beer for the umpteenth time and thought, “What if instead of ME going to get the BEER, the ...

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