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Neues Licht UFO lamp reminds of extraterrestrials for a second

The UFOs are coming! Look out! Oh, wait, it’s just your lamp. So, doesn’t this source of light look awsome? In case you are wondering how it works, first let’s say that there is no light bulb or LED set being used here. Instead of these tradtional light sources, if LED is traditional now, the UFO Neues Licht uses fiber ...

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Sven Table Lamp: lights that save energy

Everything is trying to advertise on an �eco-friendly� campaign, so naturally many of the new products are using solar power or saving energy or not emitting horrible gases. Lucesco uses the �saves energy� idea to market its Sven Table Lamp even though its not all that amazing. The Lamp contains only 40 LEDs which are powered by 22 watts, which ...

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Gaffer’s Bounce Lamp directs diffused light to make you prettier

Diffused light, it’s that stuff that photographers are always trying to find. Basically, it makes for better pictures because it isn’t as hard as direct sunlight is. Why does diffused light have to be reserved for photographers? The designers of the Gaffer’s Bounce Lamp believe that it doesn’t. This nice little lamp is meant to be set on your desk ...

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The Knock-Off Lamp: a lamp for bowlers

Are you constantly dreaming of the time you can go back to the bowling alley and knock down more pins? Didn�t think so. Well if you were, then the Knock-Off Lamp would be a perfect addition to your home or office. Not only is this special lamp serve as a light source, but it also can give you hours of ...

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