Gaffer’s Bounce Lamp directs diffused light to make you prettier

gaffer bounce lamp

Diffused light, it’s that stuff that photographers are always trying to find. Basically, it makes for better pictures because it isn’t as hard as direct sunlight is. Why does diffused light have to be reserved for photographers? The designers of the Gaffer’s Bounce Lamp believe that it doesn’t. This nice little lamp is meant to be set on your desk and allowed to reflect all over your desktop space. A 20-watt flood light is reflected off of the different white panels, and it gives a nice ambient feel to wherever it is placed. While the different shapes the reflectors have might be for looks, they do give off a cool sailboat feel. The lamp stands about a foot high and deep while it is only 6-inches wide. At $99, never having to look at a glare on your desk again is a bit expensive. But hey, take it to work and let everyone know that you are high-tech as well as design-conscious, you’ll be the cool guy in the office once again. — Nik Gomez

The Gaffer’s Bounce Lamp [via OhGizmo!]

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