The Knock-Off Lamp: a lamp for bowlers

knock-off lamp

Are you constantly dreaming of the time you can go back to the bowling alley and knock down more pins? Didnít think so. Well if you were, then the Knock-Off Lamp would be a perfect addition to your home or office. Not only is this special lamp serve as a light source, but it also can give you hours of fun because itís meant to be used like a bowling pin. No, you canít hit it with a bowling ball, but you can knock it over. In fact, you have to knock it over to turn it off; when the Knock-Off Lamp is on its side, it remains off, but when you stand it up straight, it turns on. Now this is starting to peak your interest, isnít it? If you are starting to conjure up thoughts of having this in your living room, youíll jump at the price tag. Knock-Off lamp: $22; Playing with it at work: priceless. — Nick Rice

Knock-Off Lamp [via Spluch]

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