Sven Table Lamp: lights that save energy

lucesco sven table lamp

Everything is trying to advertise on an �eco-friendly� campaign, so naturally many of the new products are using solar power or saving energy or not emitting horrible gases. Lucesco uses the �saves energy� idea to market its Sven Table Lamp even though its not all that amazing. The Lamp contains only 40 LEDs which are powered by 22 watts, which is equivalent to a 60 watt normal lamp. They also state that these lights can last 50000. They could say whatever number they want and nobody would even care because everyone is too lazy to actually see if the lamp will last 50000 hours. The Sven Table lamp has a very sleek and contemporary look, so they didn�t really throw us a loop on that one. A couple features that aren�t seen very well are a rotary switch to turn it on and a red LED (oh now there�s 41) so you don�t have to grope for the light in the middle of the night. Overall the Sven Table Lamp by Lucesco is normal, and could be a nice piece in your house if you like this kind of thing. — Nick Rice

Sven Table Lamp [via Shiny Shiny]

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  1. 22w equivalent to a 60w? I can’t see the point vs a CFL that uses 11-12w to do the same…

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