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Fusion Man Flies Around on Rocket-Powered Wings

What does an ex-fighter pilot do for thrills and kicks when he’s done shooting down krauts? He builds a unique rocket-powered flying machine, takes some opium and calls himself Fusion Man. Such is the life of 48-year-old Yves Rossy, the man behind the wings of his real-life Iron Man suit. Rossy is able to achieve speeds of 186 mph and ...

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Homemade Iron Man Suit Does Not Make You Tony Stark

Damn! That is one sharp-looking Iron Man suit! Too bad if a bunch of terrorist fucks rolled up on you in Afghanistan, you’d be shit out of luck. Still, this is about as close to the real Tony Stark as you can get. Made by Andrew Le, who clearly has a lot of times on his hands, the electromagnet/arc reactor/beam-of-light ...

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Exclusive LG Iron Man Phone: Only 20 Made

Open your ears, comic book and mobile phone freaks alike. LG is gearing up for the upcoming release of the Iron Man motion picture by releasing an exclusive special edition version of the LG Shine 720, the LG Iron Man Phone. Decked out with 18k gold, the Iron Man phone can’t be bought in any store. In fact, the phone ...

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If Iron Man And The Hulk Had A Love Child

As disturbing as the image of Iron Man and The Hulk fornicating might be, I want you to think really hard. What would their love child look like if the two superheroes were to mate? Does it look like the pictured figure, or perhaps more green? Iron Man fan Jin-Saotome created this action figure, which he calls the Hulkbuster Iron ...

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