If Iron Man And The Hulk Had A Love Child


As disturbing as the image of Iron Man and The Hulk fornicating might be, I want you to think really hard. What would their love child look like if the two superheroes were to mate? Does it look like the pictured figure, or perhaps more green? Iron Man fan Jin-Saotome created this action figure, which he calls the Hulkbuster Iron Man.

In other words, it’s an educated guess on what the offspring would look like if Iron Man and The Hulk made whoopee. OK, not really, the Hulkblaster is just an awesome feature of the Iron Man’s canon weapon armor. Though if that ever were to happen, we would be better apt fearing for our life when the break-up argument ensued. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Looks like Iron monger mark 3 lol

  2. not bad it looks like the hulkbuster ironman and if they brought hulk into ironman 2 or the avengers or brought iron man in a new hulk movie it would be very cool to see somthing like this. if tony stark used the iron monger design to make a hulkbuster is a good irdea.

  3. I agree, it looks very cool. Question: Who is smarter? Bruce Banner or Tony Stark.

    Another: Which is the better invention: Banner’s Hulk Gamma Radiation Mutation or Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit?

  4. Actually, Hulkbuster Ironman is a suit Tony Stark built to go toe-to-toe with ironman. The Hulk, in the marvel universe, has the highest power. Tony Stark build this suit as an upgrade to be able to fight him, i believe in the hulk wars. This, infact, looks like it is a suit going to the movie; Avengers Initiative

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