Homemade Iron Man Suit Does Not Make You Tony Stark


Damn! That is one sharp-looking Iron Man suit! Too bad if a bunch of terrorist fucks rolled up on you in Afghanistan, you’d be shit out of luck. Still, this is about as close to the real Tony Stark as you can get. Made by Andrew Le, who clearly has a lot of times on his hands, the electromagnet/arc reactor/beam-of-light in the middle of Iron Man’s chest even lights up and helps bring the pain to the fourth-period lunch table.

I saw the film last night at a midnight screening and it really is one of the best Marvel flicks yet. Robert Downey Jr. is PERFECT for the role of Tony Stark and I really think you’ll enjoy seeing it this weekend.


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  1. How fun! Where can I get one for my G-son?

  2. i saw the movie last night, is a good movie the effects are great, but i think something was out of place. when he return to america he said he wanted an all american cheese burger, and guess what he order and ate a burger king cheese burger, totally out place ( and in and out or a mcdonalds would have done the trick)

  3. i think monkeys will take over the world with chinese people and frogs and cockroaches

  4. gods, that is a spiffy costume he’s got! I actually made myself an arc reactor and just went to Animazement dressed as Tony Stark when he escaped from Afghanistan [complete with a REAL car battery]. Not much of a costume, but enough for one staff member to come up with 20 people saying “Mr Stark your fans want pictures!”

    …also broke a lot of hearts when I had to inform them that under the ace bandages, I was a chick…that wasn’t pretty. >.<

  5. Can you tell me how to make it?


  7. that suit is realy GOOD.I am only 10 turning 11 I would like to make a IRON MAN suit so you think you could send me some pictures so I know how to make a IRON MAN suit and instructions to make it

  8. whyy do u think ur a genius by makin a plastic suit heres an idea how about use steel , make the boots and hope il tell u how to make the jet boots somthing close to a ark reactor and how to make ur own designs

  9. How do you make a homade iron man suit?

  10. i’m 11

  11. Ben. Stfu.

    A full steel Ironman suit? Are you insane? Have you ever worn medieval armour? Do you know how much that weighs?

    Most people couldn’t wear a full suit of steel. Let alone move anywhere in it.

  12. He needs to tie his shoe lace…

  13. yo dude give the steps to making that, that shits bad ass. I’ve always wanted to make one of those suits. Email me bro, and fill me in! I would be so down to spend a year on making an iron man suit! seriously! Get back to me as soon as you can!!

  14. I love this outfit, my son is 4 and wants to be this for halloween, we have the plastic helmet toy and arm pieces but I was wondering if you could send me designs to create the outfit, I know you used plastic, but to be safe we will be using cardboard, however if I could have help with the patterns that would be great, Great job!!!!! thanks

  15. the iron man suit is complicated you need to be rich and have the right equipment. this suit looks shit but the helmet is to good the top of the suit looks animated….. peace out

  16. Robert Downey Jr.

    Nice to see someone folowing in my footsteps

  17. hey can you give me intructions how to build this suit please

  18. whoa, that is the closest suit to the real one I have ever seen in my life. i’ve been trying to make on my self. i’ve made the first one (mark I) but I would like to make the mark IV suit. So PLEASE, can you give me the instructions? But please take your time with your answer.

  19. me and my friend Karla always wanted to make one of those.

  20. That is a pretty neat suit. If only it could fly…

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