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IBM Supercomputer Crushes Human Competition

IBM's Watson Supercomputer, after three days if competition against two of the most successful contestants in the long history of the TV Quiz Show 'Jeopardy!', completely crushed his counterparts. Bow before your mechanical overlords now.

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Scientists Create a Ridiculously Tiny 3D World Map

And when we say ridiculously tiny, we mean it. So tiny, in fact, that 1,000 of these 3D maps can fit on a single grain of salt. IBM scientists working in tandem across three countries created this minuscule map. A map so tiny that the tallest mountain in the world is reduced to a few nanometers. The map, measuring 22 ...

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Take one IBM PCjr, hook it up to the Internet, say a prayer and boom: you have yourself TwittJr. It displays three tweets on its 16-color display. The power of 4.77Mhz! Link

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Oracle To Buy Sun Microsystems

The other week, IBM was going to buy Sun and the world seemed to be in equilibrium. But that deal fell through and Sun was left standing in the middle of the street with its pants down. Lucky for J. Schwartz & Co., Larry Ellison’s Oracle Corporation decided to use flex its power and purchase Sun Microsystems for about $7.4 ...

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Classic IBM Packaging

Here’s a photo of a ledger from the 1984 collection from IBM. Those striking pastels and regal fonts really bring it all together. Look how proud IBM was: “For the introduction of the IBM PC, we designed the packages and software manual, creating, instead of the industry’s usual cheap plastic binders, hard-bound linen covers and slipcovers in pastel colors to ...

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Ergonomic Split Keyboard Turned Steampunk

Ergonomic split keyboards have always been hideous looking. Who wants two halves of a keyboard, anyway? Stenographers, that’s who. So, Datamancer turned a rare IBM M-15 Ergo Keyboard into a steampunk keyboard for steampunk stenographers who’ve been looking for a matching keyboard to go with their headsets and goggles. The quality of the keyboard is superb. Packing violet LED lights, ...

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