Ergonomic Split Keyboard Turned Steampunk

Ergonomic split keyboards have always been hideous looking. Who wants two halves of a keyboard, anyway? Stenographers, that’s who. So, Datamancer turned a rare IBM M-15 Ergo Keyboard into a steampunk keyboard for steampunk stenographers who’ve been looking for a matching keyboard to go with their headsets and goggles.

The quality of the keyboard is superb. Packing violet LED lights, a soft burgundy wrist pad and a detailed acanthus-leaf pattern on the brass, it almost appears to be merely an adjustment to appearance. However, Datamancer has done so much more. Adding an integrated touchpad mouse, which is located at the center of the keyboard, relieves its users of having to search for that hard-to-find steampunk mouse.

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  1. Mmmm…steampunk. Is there anything more beautiful that can be done with a computer?

    I mean aside from porn.

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