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Levitating Mouse

Hell, if I can't afford a hover car, at least I'll have a hover mouse. The BAT Levitating Wireless Mouse by Kibardinde Sign harnesses the power of magnetism to float in the air as you do your cursor-moving thing.

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Ball Scroll Handheld Mouse

I’ve had problems with my wrists for years now, mostly because of the hours upon hours of sitting at my desk, arm poised in the same position for a countless amount of time, mousing my way across Azeroth, or just surfing the good ole net. With mouses these days you can spend half your time just programming the shortcut buttons. ...

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Ergonomic Split Keyboard Turned Steampunk

Ergonomic split keyboards have always been hideous looking. Who wants two halves of a keyboard, anyway? Stenographers, that’s who. So, Datamancer turned a rare IBM M-15 Ergo Keyboard into a steampunk keyboard for steampunk stenographers who’ve been looking for a matching keyboard to go with their headsets and goggles. The quality of the keyboard is superb. Packing violet LED lights, ...

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Double Bag Is A Deformed Ball Sack

Check this bag design out. See anything wrong with it? Of course you don’t, it looks too hip to have you distracted by flawed design. It’s called Double Bag and the name matches the look. The look being a post-pubescent scrotum after taking a hit from a fastball thrown by Walter Johnson. It reminds me of those portable crutches except ...

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