Steampunk Goggles With Variable Aperture

Talk about intricate craft! These steampunk goggles from Mike Brown are made with absolute precision, featuring leather bolted directly to the titanium eyepieces. 48 bolts are used to hold each lens in place. You can adjust the aperture in each eye to give you enhanced vision. Oh, and they’ll last for “500 years plus.” Quite possibly the finest work of steampunk eyewear to ever grace this planet.

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  1. where do I get a pair?

  2. Where do I buy a pair of these?

  3. you (probably) don’t buy a pair.
    see how he made this pair, how much he is asking in payment for it, and how he’s never making another pair at his site:

  4. I think these goggles are incredible.

  5. I will pay top dollar for these.

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