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Steampunk Goggles With Variable Aperture

Talk about intricate craft! These steampunk goggles from Mike Brown are made with absolute precision, featuring leather bolted directly to the titanium eyepieces. 48 bolts are used to hold each lens in place. You can adjust the aperture in each eye to give you enhanced vision. Oh, and they’ll last for “500 years plus.” Quite possibly the finest work of ...

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Inexpensive Night Vision Goggles

ThinkGeek does it again! This time, the gadget outfitter is offering up a pair of night vision goggles for the low price of $90. That’s right. For under $100, you can get a pair of goggles that will truly unleash your inner peeping tom. ThinkGeek is sold out right now but it’s taking backorders and they’ll ship October 6th. Link ...

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Blindingly Good-Looking Superhero Bandannas

Yet another article of clothing to add to your superhero wardrobe. Mark McMillan has an idea for “goggle bandannas,” with removable eye pieces and breathable cushioning to provide extra comfort and convenience. Looking snazzy while riding that road warrior bike, you’ll be sure to have heads turning to see your flashy fluorescent goggle bandanna. You can even wear the goggles ...

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Cyber Goggles Memorizes Your Visions

Let’s face it. As we get older, are grasp on our memory fades. Whether it be because of an early on-set of Alzheimer’s or just because we’re bored with seeing the same old thing everyday, we start to notice less than we did when we were younger. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a pair of goggles which ...

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Oakley Medusa Goggles And Hat Make You Feel Good Vibrations, Mon

I don’t know whether wearing the Medusa line of gear from Oakley makes you look more like some crazy Aztec warrior or a peace (and hemp) loving Jamaican. Either way, the Medusa Hat and Goggles go together like peas and carrots, and not in some Forrest Gump mushy “I love you, Jennnnay” type of way. In typical Oakley style, the ...

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