The Cream Of The Steampunk Crop

We’ve been looking for some steampunk gear to match our new headphones and cane for a while now. Thanks to WETA’s steampunk raygun, the set is complete and I am now an official member of the Wild Wild West 2 movie crew. It’s called the “The Unnatural Selector – A Ray-Blunderbuss from Dr Grordbort’s,” and does little more than hang on your wall, looking pretty. Of course, you could always dismount it and run a muck wreaking havoc on unsuspecting foes.

Before you get in to any mischief, you’ll have to put a mortgage on your house because this thing goes from $4,500 to $7,900 dollars depending on what edition you settle with. Why so much? Despite all the detail put into this thing, it’ll also have your name engraved on it. Now, that’s cool.

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