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Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive

Are you still looking for a Blu-ray player? Vince already told you that a PlayStation 3 is the way to go. What? You don’t have four hundred bucks? Sheesh. Bummer. I guess the $289 Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive will have to suffice. While it’s not as “super” as the PS3 at playing video games, it can burn DVDs and ...

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The Cream Of The Steampunk Crop

We’ve been looking for some steampunk gear to match our new headphones and cane for a while now. Thanks to WETA’s steampunk raygun, the set is complete and I am now an official member of the Wild Wild West 2 movie crew. It’s called the “The Unnatural Selector – A Ray-Blunderbuss from Dr Grordbort’s,” and does little more than hang ...

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The Scopeclock: Time In A Tube

Ever have a cathode ray tube blow up in your face? You poor soul. With your disfigured mug, there’s little that could possibly cheer you up. After all, if I looked like the Two-Face I’d probably throw myself from a pier. This clock is sure to remind you of that terrible day your face became disfigured. That or your days ...

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