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X5 Hairlaser Pretends To Prevent Baldness

If male haircare had a placebo pill, the X5 Hairlaser would be it. While we don’t have any scientific proof to back up that the laser is just some gimmick, the X5’s descriptive method of� blasting, “15 distinct points of coherent laser light directly to your scalp at the optimum power and wavelength,” sounds like a quote straight from an ...

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MindMentor: The Robot Psychologist

A lot of people are very skeptical about seeing a psychologist to discuss their problems. A huge part of the skepticism is probably due to the fact that other psychologists are other humans. Who really feels comfortable talking about their juiciest problems with a fellow human? Developed by two Dutch psychologists specializing in Neuro Linguistic Programming, the MindMentor is programmed ...

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Nokia Health Guard: Grandpa, Get Out Of The No-No Cabinet

Senile senior citizens cannot be trusted. As much as I love to laugh at the frequently falling and hip-breaking demographic, I also know a life with seniors is no picnic. As senility wins over their feeble tissue masses which used to be called active and functioning brains, they start reverting back to simple childhood curiosities. The difference is, that seniors ...

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2 months with the UV lamped toothbrush case

Japanese are obsessive with hygiene, so much that somebody invented the ultimate toothbrush carrying case with built-in UV lamp; supposedly it’ll kill germs. While everything sounds so much like a dream, the case is so portable, the UV lamp runs on AAA batteries. So the guys who tested it took it for a try, their conclusion this morning is that ...

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Clip your nostrils to stop snoring

  Snoring can be both embarassing and annoying, especially to the person sleeping next to you (unless of course, both of you snore, that will depend on who gets to sleep first). There’re a million therapies out there for you to burn money with, but there’s something we discovered today that you might want to try out, and it only ...

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National’s new bloodpressure meter warns users of wrong usage

A lot of people have the habit of keeping their own bloodpressure measurer at home, and it is quite common that these meters are inaccurate. Since they have been out in the market for so long, and even hospitals use automatic bloodpressure meters more than mercury sphygnomanometers nowadays, it tells us that their accuracy has indeed improved throughout the years, ...

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