X5 Hairlaser Pretends To Prevent Baldness


If male haircare had a placebo pill, the X5 Hairlaser would be it. While we don’t have any scientific proof to back up that the laser is just some gimmick, the X5’s descriptive method of� blasting, “15 distinct points of coherent laser light directly to your scalp at the optimum power and wavelength,” sounds like a quote straight from an Ed Wood film.

If you’ve tried other methods, and are still losing more and more hair, and really don’t want to wear a wig or look like Britney Spears, then we guess you’re desperate enough to try out anything, and the X5 Hairlaser could very unlikely be the one that works for you. Get yours for the price of $300. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Im bald and love it!

    x5 will help me get some more hair on my johnson.

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