People using Britney’s baldness to catch your attention on eBay


Yes, we all know that Britney Spears shaved her head. Most of us also know how someone was trying to sell the mop of hair on eBay (the auction seems to have vanished). We were searching around on eBay to figure out where the heck this auction went, because our dream has always been to make a wig of authentic pop star hair, and could not find it. But what we did find is a reflection of culture.

As we searched, eBay auction #260088596019 stood out to us as a sad case, and we couldn’t help but spread the word. Here is what the auction says:

OK,heres the deal..Seems like everyone has lots of money to throw away..I am about to lose my home from loseing (sic) my job..I have worked for the auto industry and as you know they have downsized drastically..I do not have the money to go to school to learn a new trade..If anyone out there has a heart please help!!Please??I need to save my home and my family from being homeless..Thank you!!

That says it all, folks. The name of this auction? “Britney Spears Hair**authentic like everyone elses”. We wish you luck, retro*town. — Andrew Dobrow
Auction Page [eBay]

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