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Universal Phone Charger Announced By GSM Association

Praise be to Beetlejesus! If you’re like any normal human being, chances are there’s been a time where your cellphone has started to die and you bring up the age-old question: “Hey, does anyone have a charger I can use?” Of course not! You’ve got an LG and I’ve got a Samsung. Ray has a Motorola and Christie has the ...

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The Palm Treo Pro: It’s Comin’

Coming this fall is Palm’s Treo Pro. It’s also the first Treo to support tri-band HSDPA (faster net speed) for 3G access on AT&T and additional carriers. The American launch will start out with an unlocked, carrier-independent version at $549 that’ll feature a sleeker design than previous Treos as well as a touchscreen and a button to quickly switch its ...

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Unlock Your iPhone 3G For $17

Gear Diary stumbled upon a SIM Card attachment that will unlock your iPhone 3G by piggybacking onto your current SIM. This hardware-based method of unlocking fools the phone into thinking it’s a special “test mode” SIM, thus allowing any GSM carrier to access your iPhone 3G. To boot, it won’t void your warranty since it’s a removable hardware method. iPhone ...

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Hop-on HOP1800 Cellphone Costs Ten Bucks

I love how sites are calling this GSM phone the “Anti-iPhone” as the name couldn’t suit the HOP1800 better. Remember the disposable cellphone idea from years back? This is it. Ten bucks gets you a phone from Hop-on that works with over 40 carriers, including all the major players. As you can see in the picture, there’s no display. You ...

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Doubao 728 takes 2 GSM SIM cards: great for playas

In large cities it’s not uncommon to see people carrying 2 phones, one for work and one for personal use (or one for each significant other). We’ve seen phones that can take 1 GSM card and 1 CDMA card from LG and Samsung, but Chinese company Doubao unveiled this 728 phone that takes 2 GSM SIM cards at the same ...

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