Doubao 728 takes 2 GSM SIM cards: great for playas

doubao 728

In large cities it’s not uncommon to see people carrying 2 phones, one for work and one for personal use (or one for each significant other). We’ve seen phones that can take 1 GSM card and 1 CDMA card from LG and Samsung, but Chinese company Doubao unveiled this 728 phone that takes 2 GSM SIM cards at the same time. You will be able to receive calls and messages from either account, and they need not be on the same different network. Take note that when you are on the phone with one line, the other line will be diverted to your voicemail automatically, but that’s expected.

The Doubao 728 comes with a 2.2″ QVGA touch-screen with Chinese handwriting recognition, a 0.3MP camera for snapshots, and microSD card slot for your data and music. The 728 is a dualband phone and is only being sold in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan SIM-free for about $170 now. — Sam Chan


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  1. where can i buy the 728 from? thanks

  2. Where can I buy the dual sim card cellpone


  3. from where can i get a user manual or specifications of the phone? does this phone have email facility?

  4. I have problem with the phone Doubao 728+. if I using slave dial for calling, I cannot stop calling after I am finish for calling. and for slave mode the signal is not coming in the screen. what the problem with my phone?

  5. Where can i buy a dual sim card phone in Cincinnati???

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