Samsung set to beat their own record with the anorexic 10.9mm slider and 5.9mm candybar

samsung ultra edition

Just when you thought it was the furthest they could go when Samsung started selling the 12.9mm slider and 6.9mm candybar last year, Samsung has managed to shred another mm in their labs. And at CES this year, they’re set to announce the new Ultra 10.9 and 5.9. The slider retains the 3MP camera, QVGA screen and microSD slot on the D900, whereas the camera on Ultra 5.9 has been upgraded from 2MP to 3MP from X820. Other specifications are unclear, we just have to wait for Samsung’s announcement at 3GSM. — Sam Chan

Samsung Ultra Edition 5.9 and 10.9 � [via Cellularmania and Mobile-Review Russia]

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