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Samsung Galaxy S7 can have dual-sim and microSD support at same time!

Recently Samsung has introduced their new flagship phone Galaxy S7, in which you can additionally with really cool hack allow using dual-sim and microSD support simultaneously. We are all pleasantly surprised because Samsung has decided to return microSD slot to Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and in reality this move is great. It is also known that for some countries ...

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Samsung Confirms VR Headset Launch

On 9th June, Samsung confirmed that it is developing a Virtual Reality headset. While the hardware of the device is being developed by Samsung exclusively, the software is being developed in collaboration with Oculus VR, the makers of the Oculus Rift VR headset for gaming. The device, to be called the Gear VR, will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA 2014. Here’s a list of what you can expect from this device.

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Samsung Announces The Gold GS4

Samsung GS4

With the inability of Apple to keep up with demand for the gold iPhone 5C, it's no wonder at all that other companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Samsung has announced a gold version of the GS4. To be fair, the two units are gold themed in that they are being called "gold brown" and "gold pink".

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Samsung To Release Their Smartwatch Soon!

Samsung Smartwatch

If you are getting on to the smartwatch bandwagon and have an affinity for Samsung then good news is coming your way! There has been news about Samsung's trademarking and patenting a smartwatch but now news of a potential release date is looming!

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Has Apple Hit A Wall?

2013 Q2

Based on recent shipment figures is it possible that Apple has hit a wall in the smartphone market? Current data from second quarter sales figures for Apple indicate a three year low in marketshare of the smartphone market. There is no doubt that smartphones continue to dominate the market but looking at current figures Samsung has taken the lead in ...

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Samsung Unveils Prescription 3D Glasses

The geek life is an ironic state of affairs. Most of us, and I’m speaking from at least seconds of research, have some sort of vision problem. Studies show that hours of staring at the computer screen can cause serious vision impairments, which hasn’t exactly worked out for us up until now. Bad vision meant an impaired 3D experience. Not ...

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