Samsung Galaxy S7 can have dual-sim and microSD support at same time!


Recently Samsung has introduced their new flagship phone Galaxy S7, in which you can additionally with really cool hack allow using dual-sim and microSD support simultaneously.

dual_sim_galaxy_s7We are all pleasantly surprised because Samsung has decided to return microSD slot to Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and in reality this move is great. It is also known that for some countries Samsung Galaxy S7 is available as dual-sim phone. In other words it allows you to use two SIM cards at same time or you can use one SIM card with microSD card.

One geek  wrote a tutorial how you can extend functionality of yours Galaxy S7 by adding possibility of using two SIM cards and microSD card at the same time. Anyway I will show you how you can do that but you need to know that you are doing that at your own risk and you also need to know that there is possibility that guarantee will not cover this hack.

To enable dual-sim support simultaneously with microSD card for the start you will need to have cigarette lighter, scissors and patience. After that first thing you need to do is heat up nanoSIM with cigarette lighter, heat about 1 minute and after that you need to remove nanoSIM chip. The second step is to put this chip in microSD card so that it can fit together in SIM tray.

In the last step you need to insert microSD card on which is affixed  nanoSIM chip which you have removed in first step, and if you have done all correctly then your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge should have dual-sim functionality with microSD card.

I just want one more time say that this procedure you do at your own risk.

Source: Majordroid

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