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Paperboy Done Super Geek Style!

Paper Boy

Regardless of the number of video games you have stacked on your gamer shelves, Paper Boy will always be one of the classics that no gamer can forget. Well as it turns out, one group of super geeks couldn't forget it either!

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Another Reason Why XBox One Will Leave You Broke

xbox controller

Speaking personally, I love my XBox. Throughout the years I have tried many other gaming systems, the Playstation, various handheld systems, the Gamecube...the list goes on, but for me, I have an affinity for XBox. Herein lies the problem however, the XBox One is going to leave me flat broke.

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Tablet Gaming At It’s Best

Angry Birds Star Wars

Some gamers have their preferred methods of play, we’re not talking Xbox versus Playstation here, we’re talking handheld versus full gaming system. The thing about tablet gaming however, is that it falls somewhere in the middle, the screen is larger than handheld but the controls are more handheld than anything else. This makes tablet gaming both fun and a little ...

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