Xbox Controller + 3D Printer = Epic Gearshift!

Have you ever wondered why no one has combined the awesomeness of the XBox controller with the mundane manual gear shift? Well now you can stop wondering because one Ford engineer has done just that.

Ford engineer, Zach Nelson, has taken inspiration from the Xbox controller and using it, combined with a 3D printer, created a vibrating manual gear shift. The shifter has an LED display on top of the knob and vibrates to let newer manual drivers know when to change gears. Sure, we hear all you more experienced manual drivers tutting in shame and disgust, but as someone who cannot drive manual (no matter how hard she tried, I should add) this nifty little gadget could come in very handy…if only they would make something similar to help balance the clutch I’d be golden!

Via: Wired Autopia

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