XBox Live To Convert Family Plans On August 27th

If you have an XBox Live family plan then this news pertains to you. As of August 27th, XBox will begin making some changes to family plan accounts.
Xbox Live Gold Family Pack

Just what does this change mean for XBox family plan users? Microsoft says that the XBox One’s “Home Gold” plan will allow multiple users of one system to utilize a gold membership but those currently subscribed to an XBox Live Family Plan will begin to convert to individual memberships. Don’t panic just yet though because each subaccount will receive a free XBox Gold membership for the duration of the current family plan membership in addition to three extra months. This change will begin to roll out as of August 27th and until then account holders can add subaccounts to their main account until they reach the four subaccount maximum. For users who have memberships that are scheduled to autorenew before the August 27th date, these accounts will renew as scheduled and their accounts too will roll over to the individual accounts on or around August 27th.

So…is there a negative side to this update? Well, yes. Unfortunately Microsoft points allowances and activity reports will be disappearing. Additionally, gamers who game on multiple consoles will need multiple individual live accounts to do so.What are your thoughts on this switch?

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