Another Reason Why XBox One Will Leave You Broke

Speaking personally, I love my XBox. Throughout the years I have tried many other gaming systems, the Playstation, various handheld systems, the Gamecube…the list goes on, but for me, I have an affinity for XBox. Herein lies the problem however, the XBox One is going to leave me flat broke.

Xbox One Controller
Credit: James Martin/CNET

One of the many reasons I don’t have many multi-player games is that the XBox controllers are entirely too expensive. The cheaper knockoff’s just don’t do the job and the bounds of my germophobia won’t allow me to go used. Plus, how many great multiplayer games are there really? Two player games sure, but more than two and things start to get crowded and I lose valuable gaming screen space.Two controllers is my max, one that comes with the console (special edition of course because who has time for wired controllers anymore?) and a second official XBox wireless controller bought through the cheapest method possible. I now find myself in a predicament however.

Since the announcement of the XBox One I have been chomping at the bit, anxious to get enough “spare cash” to throw down on yet another console. A recent announcement has me rethinking the step up though. XBox just announced that their XBox One controllers will set buyers back $60, $75 if they want the Play and Charge kit. Want to add a headset? That’ll be another $25. So not only are you throwing down the initial $499.99 for the console but if you have any hope of maximizing gameplay there is no choice to drop another significant wad of cash on these accessories. And, let’s not forget the $60 per game required to even get any use out of the console.

Sure I’m a gamer. Yes, I love my games. Yes, I love my XBox…but it’s not so significantly run down that I can justify nearly $700 for a newer console that I only have a single game for.

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