No More Overheating With The XBox One…Well Sort Of…

You know how so many people have trouble with their X-Boxes overheating and had to power down to let it cool off once a million degrees became too much for those add on fans to handle? Well XBox One has an answer for that.

XBox One

This isn’t the answer you necessarily want to hear though, well, not really because the overheating issue will still occur but the console is now better equip to handle it without just shutting itself off. The fan in the XBox One is designed to function at maximum speed if necessary which means that when the console detects that it is overheating it will crank up that fan in an attempt to cool down. If that doesn’t work, the console will then dial back its power usage in an attempt to cool itself down. Little has been said in terms of how that reduced power will affect game play or app use at the moment, but we anticipate more information on this as we get closer to launch date.

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