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DIY: Flash memory in (almost) any iPod

Why Apple hasn’t gotten with the program and jumped on to the flash memory train yet is beyond us. Why give themselves the extra trouble of a drive with moving parts? This hack shows you how to install flash memory into almost any iPod. Make sure you back up all your music BEFORE you start. Sadly, there are no directions ...

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Sony PSP’s lagging sales leads to ultimatum, changes on the rise

Sony is in quite a pickle. The sales of the PSP are lagging in a bad way with hardware shipments down 72%, and only 10,000 units in the U.S. With those facts in mind, it’s no surprise that retailers have begun to lost hope for Sony’s portable gaming console. Many have even offered Sony an ultimatum. Either lower the price ...

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A real “Thumb” Drive

USB flash drive design as become out of control. In this rather unique design, you get a “thumb” drive in every sense of the word. In this image we found, you can see the detail put into this thing. It’s actually kind of gross. We’re going to wait to purchase a finger themed USB flash drive until the middle finger ...

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IBM, wanted for the murder of flash

With flash memory as the leading source of memory along with the conventional RAM, it’s a wonder more companies haven’t dipped their fingers into the memory cookie jar. Along with other next-gen memory prototypes, such as MRAM, IBM has announced it’s working prototype named, phase-change memory (PCM). IBM states that PCM has the capability of being 500 times faster then ...

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