A real “Thumb” Drive


USB flash drive design as become out of control. In this rather unique design, you get a “thumb” drive in every sense of the word. In this image we found, you can see the detail put into this thing. It’s actually kind of gross.

We’re going to wait to purchase a finger themed USB flash drive until the middle finger version comes out, which we expect will be more than 256mb of flash memory. — Andrew Dobrow

“Thumb” drive [Spluch]

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  1. Hi, I would like to buy one thumb usb drive, how much do I have to pay? us dollars.
    I need to know the shipping price, I live in Mexico City.

  2. cool stuff!


  3. info on it

  4. I actually like the thumb USB. I would buy this even it cost me………… NOTHING (FREE)

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