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The Pebble: The MP3 object designed with Mother Nature in mind

Nonobject design is paving a path through the design world based on what they like to call “design fiction”. Or in other words, concepts that are pretty out there. The Pebble is a MP3 player themed after nature. Each would have a totally unique design, with its own contours and off-color areas setting it apart from the other players. Even ...

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A real “Thumb” Drive

USB flash drive design as become out of control. In this rather unique design, you get a “thumb” drive in every sense of the word. In this image we found, you can see the detail put into this thing. It’s actually kind of gross. We’re going to wait to purchase a finger themed USB flash drive until the middle finger ...

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Toaster Guitar Amp: Rock ’em til they’re burnt

We don’t know how the idea of turning toasters into guitar amps happened to spring to life, and we’re not sure if we want to know, but the result is one unique design for a rockers gear collection. Built on a simple foundation of a input/output jack, a 9 volt battery, and a small speaker, the Toaster Amp is a ...

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