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TwinMOS Mirror-Surfaced Slider USB Drive

Even the best of us have some legendary lapses of memory, including forgetting where we put the cap to our USB flash drive. The TwinMOS Mobile Disk P1 solves this problem by not even including a cap, instead opting for a sliding mechanism. The device by TwinMOS also has a slick mirrored surface and 6 multicolored LED lights which glow ...

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Silicon Power Vista Certified USB flash drive and memory card

Taiwan-based USB manufacturer Silicon Power announced its newest Touch 510 180x USB flash drive / memory family and its capability to support Microsoft Vista and its Ready Boost technology. The Vista Ready Boost system will allow users to use the Touch 180X as an extension of memory. Acting as a extra push for your system RAM while still being able ...

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A real “Thumb” Drive

USB flash drive design as become out of control. In this rather unique design, you get a “thumb” drive in every sense of the word. In this image we found, you can see the detail put into this thing. It’s actually kind of gross. We’re going to wait to purchase a finger themed USB flash drive until the middle finger ...

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