Kronos Watch includes USB Flash Drive: Do you have the time? Yes, and family photos!


Kronos is a watch designed to pleasure us geek men. The Kronos watch features a USB flash drive integrated into the wristband latch for your convenience. The added feature of the flash drive offers companies a much further reach of prospective buyers. We know we’d be much more liable to buy a designer watch if it were to come with flash memory capabilities.

The Kronos watch was designed by Andrew Willkerson in hopes that it will help people avoid pocket clutter while still enjoying portable memory. The men’s analog watch was made as a design project in a Graduate Computer Modeling class. We give him an A. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Man this looks like a cool watch, i wish someone would tell me more about when it might be available for purchase, but nonetheless very cool!!

  2. Where can we buy this USB FLASH DRIVE WATCH here in Saudi Arabia ??

  3. i want a watch like that

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