IBM, wanted for the murder of flash

flash memory chipWith flash memory as the leading source of memory along with the conventional RAM, it’s a wonder more companies haven’t dipped their fingers into the memory cookie jar. Along with other next-gen memory prototypes, such as MRAM, IBM has announced it’s working prototype named, phase-change memory (PCM). IBM states that PCM has the capability of being 500 times faster then the average NAND Flash (pictured), regardless of the fact that it’s smaller in size and uses close to half the energy of flash cells. The IBM version seems to be superior to Samsung’s introduction of a PCM device, the PRAM, which only claims to be 30 times faster then Flash. Very early plans are being made to have the product in production in 3-5 years, which in modern times, translates to sometime before 2015. — Andrew Dobrow

IBM announces the future Flash killer [ARS Technica]

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