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To Facebook you are simple, seamless, and informal

Talking about the new Facebook mail system at todays live event, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook director of engineering Andrew Boz Bosworth keep using words like simple, seamless, and informal. But does the new system promote a dumbed-down version of sociability?

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Woman Kills Her Baby for Interrupting Farmville Session

If you shake your baby to death for ANY reason, you have more problems to worry about than Farmville addiction, but this is a case of Zynga devotion taken to a whole new level. 22 year-old Jacksonsville, Florida resident Alexandra V. Tobias shook her baby to death after the three-month old Dylan Lee Edmondson had been crying during a rousing ...

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Let’s Spend Mark Zuckerberg’s Money

A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? 6.9 billion dollars. That’s cool. And that’s how much Mark Zuckerberg is worth if you listen to financial projections. If you had Zuck’s mad FaceMash cash, what would you spend? This helpful little infographic makes some suggestions to Zuckerberg on how he should spend his money. Let’s put it this way. ...

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Star Wars: A New Hope as Told Through Facebook

We’ve explored earth-shattering historical events and life-changing religions through the eyes of Facebook, but our true holy land lays within the vision of George Lucas. Dorkly takes a look at Episode IV in their Facebook storytelling rendition of Star Wars: A New Hope. And for those of you who think that the reason Chewbacca didn’t get his medal at the ...

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