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Snowl: Mozilla’s Take On Messaging In Your Browser

Is there anything Mozilla doesn’t create that facilitates your web surfing experience? Firefox 3 came out back in June, yet Mozilla is still working hard to provide its users with top end interactivity for its interweb softwares. Now, Mozilla wants to take its browser to the next level with instant messaging integrated into your web browsing. It’s called Snowl, that’s ...

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Cityware Tracks Both Adulterers And The Innocent Via Facebook

For those not familiar with the Facebook application Cityware, it uses Bluetooth technology to monitor tens of thousands of people around the world via their mobile phone and then dumps the data on Facebook. The best part? None of these people give their consent to be monitored. You say your boyfriend got the sweats when you asked him how The ...

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Facebook Chat Chooses Teacher’s Pets, Gives Back To The VIPs

When Facebook announced that they would be rolling out their new Facebook Chat service, all that was said was that it would be rolled out very gradually to the public. What we didn’t know is that the social networking service was systematically rolling out the new service to their favorite group of Ivy Leaguer’s first. The first people who were ...

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