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10 Epic 80’s Cartoons We Loved

Gummi Bears Cartoon

There have been plenty of great cartoons over the years, but when it comes to the best cartoons, most of us will agree that the 80's is where it's at. With so many good ones to choose from it has been hard to compile a list of just 10 but here goes nothing!

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15 Tech Gadgets You Should Be Grateful For in 2013


Each and every day someone is complaining about one piece of technology or another. The thing is though, that there are far more reasons to be thankful for technology in 2013 than most people realize. So many things in fact that we have decided to put together a list of just 15 to remind you how lucky you are.

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25 Movies You Need to See Before You Die

The Shawshank Redemption

There are so many movies out there that are "must see" movies. Depending on who you ask, the "movies to see before you die" list could be a thousand movies long but today we're sharing our top twenty five movies to see before you die. What did we base this list on? Who cares? They're great movies so watch them and stop asking questions.

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The 5 Most Unhealthy Foods You’ve Ever Seen

Velveeta Fudge Squares

When it comes to food, America is not exactly known worldwide for our "deliciously healthy meals." While certainly there are a number of healthy gourmet meals out there, unfortunately the US is a little more associated with some of the most heartstoppingly awful foods ever.

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