The Cutest Barry Manilow Fan Ever

When it comes to kids being cute, there are few things as cute as a youngster rockin’ out to their favorite tunes.There are a ton of cute kids singing to surf through on YouTube but this takes the cake, mostly because of those incredible expressions.

This kid is a real Barry Manilow fan and he sings it with style…now if someone could tell his sister to pipe down (we’re guessing she’s not a Manilow fan)! Just look at the expressions on his little face as he pours his little heart in to his tribute to Manilow.[/embed]

Really, could this kid be singing anything cuter than Barry Manilow? Hey, he’s not just for middle aged ladies anymore, this kid is bringing the Manilow back! Our guess is, by the time he’s 16 this kid is going to be mortified by people playing this track on repeat. We say, enjoy the attention kid, there’s no shame in Manilow fandom.

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