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10 Songs that Never Get Old


Music will always be a sign of the times and yes some songs just seem to remain ageless and come back again and again regardless of the generation. Take a look at 10 songs that never get old...

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6 Really Weird Celebrity Baby Names


Lately among celebrities, it's become a trend to name babies the most ridiculous names imaginable. We're not exactly sure why, if you hated the kid that much, why have it in the first place? Check out 6 really weird celebrity baby names...

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5 Animated Movies Based on Shakespeare Plays


Have you ever watched your favorite Disney movie and got the feeling that there was something a little too familiar about the story? Did you know that many animated movies are based on Shakespeare? Take a look and see for yourself...

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8 Friends GIF’s We Love


Whether you were around for the original airings or whether you got addicted through the DVD's, there is something absolutely epic about Friends. Check out 8 of our favorite Friends GIF's.

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10 Celebs With a Rap Sheet

Fred Willard

All too often we forget that celebrities are people too and like many of us they often have skeletons in their closet. Take a look at 10 celebs with a rap sheet.

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