10 Epic 80’s Cartoons We Loved

There have been plenty of great cartoons over the years, but when it comes to the best cartoons, most of us will agree that the 80’s is where it’s at. With so many good ones to choose from it has been hard to compile a list of just 10 but here goes nothing!

Gummi Bears Cartoon

1. Gummi Bears

 Fraggle Rock

2. Fraggle Rock

Muppet Babies

3. Muppet Babies


4. He-Man

The Raccoons

5. The Raccoons

The Smurfs

6. The Smurfs

The Wuzzles

7. The Wuzzles

Dungeons and Dragons

8. Dungeons and Dragons


9. Transformers

Inspector Gadget

10. Inspector Gadget

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