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Time Warner Cable Doesn’t Care About Net Neutrality

We’re fed up. The cable companies have subjected us to non-stop bullshit over the past 5 to 10 years, depending on your provider. Comcast, RCN, COX, Time Warner and all the others are constantly raising our fees, not offering enough channels in HD and this time around, trying to cap our Internet bandwidth. Time Warner Cable (TWC) has been experimenting ...

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The Devil Inside: Comcast

Comcast is the first ISP to start ramping up use of bandwidth caps. P2PNet has a fantastic write-up that completely details all of Comcast’s shady doings. The piece mentions how Comcast has developed a “disconnect user” option. That’s right. Use too much bandwidth for it’s liking and the big C might kill your connection for good. Even scarier are the ...

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Comcast Lays Down The Law

If you’re one of the few that hasn’t already switched to Verizon because Comcast kept throttling your Internet connection while you were trying to torrent, get this: Come October 1st, Comcast will be implementing a 250GB monthly cap as part of their shift toward “protocol agnostic” network management. Comcast is still making plans on how they want to screw their ...

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Net Neutrality: FCC To Rule Against Comcast, Order Chinese Food

Everyone hates Comcast. Don’t give me that shit that it’s a decent company. Comcast is thisclose to getting shit on by half its customers and as Verizon offers (somewhat) better options and TV, customers will start to defect away from Comcast. Now the FCC is ready to make everyone’s day, by announcing that Comcast knowingly and wrongly fucked with your ...

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Breaking: Comcast To Be Punished By FCC

This is just coming off the wires but it appears the FCC is going to punish Comcast for the way it has been handling its ‘net traffic. As you may recall, Comcast has been at the center of an argument over whether or not it has the right to throttle Bit Torrent traffic. The FCC claims that by doing this, ...

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Comcast Center HD Video Wall

It figures. A year after I move to NYC from Philadelphia, the Comcast Center is completed and the finishing touches it has are beyond spectacular. When I go back to visit, I’ll have to get some footage of this $22 million high-def video wall in action. It’s 27′ x 87′, features 10 million pixels across various modules, has six LED ...

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