Breaking: Comcast To Be Punished By FCC

This is just coming off the wires but it appears the FCC is going to punish Comcast for the way it has been handling its ‘net traffic. As you may recall, Comcast has been at the center of an argument over whether or not it has the right to throttle Bit Torrent traffic. The FCC claims that by doing this, it’s violating the FCC’s principles of protecting consumers access to the Internet.

Remember, this is the same Comcast that sabotaged a public hearing and offers shit Internet service. And look what they’re still spewing:

Company spokeswoman Sena Fitzmaurice on Thursday denied that Comcast blocks Internet content or services and that the “carefully limited measures that Comcast takes to manage traffic on its broadband network are a reasonable part” of the company’s strategy to ensure all customers receive quality service.

It’ll be awhile before Comcast is fined and forced to give us back what is rightfully ours (The Internet), so don’t go holding your breath in excitement. This is just one step in the right direction towards freedom on the Internet.


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