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The Newly Patented Self-Burying Screw-In Coffin

When I die I want to be locked inside of a hermetically sealed screw-shaped chamber and screwed into the ground, rather than buried, with little, if any assistance from a grave digger. If I had made this request a month ago, it would have seemed outlandish and eccentric. But I’m proving all my critics wrong! California inventor Donald Scruggs was ...

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A Coffin for Your Red Ring of Death’d Xbox 360

For those of you who have encountered the red ring of death before, the process of laying your Xbox 360 to rest should be familiar – shipping your defunct console back to Microsoft in a cardboard bow which has been lovingly coined the Xbox 360 coffin. Now, you can cut out the middle man and provide a proper burial for ...

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Coffin-Shaped Cigarette Box: Telling It Like It Is

I smoked for nearly ten years, from the time I was 14 to my current age of 23. I quit about a year ago, with a few naughty indiscretions in between, and everyday, I still think about smoking. I’m unsure if that urge will ever truly go away, but I know in the long run, the cravings are worth the ...

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CoffinPet Concept Gives Your Pet an Eco-Friendly Spot to Rest

The CoffinPet concept provides the environmentally-conscious pet with a 100% biodegradable to rest in piece. When it’s time for a pet to lay down their will and power of attorney, they’ll thank you generously for providing such a thoughtful place for their bodies to be dumped and quickly replaced. Of course, if you keep your pet in shape, you won’t ...

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Death by Star Trek

Wow. Just wow. Take a minute. Let’s get one more “wow” in. OK. WOW. Seems a coffin and urn manufacturer called Eternal Image (you may have heard of them before) pulled quite the licensing deal. It’s now providing officially licensed Star Trek caskets and urns so that when you die and go on to that great gig in the sky, ...

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Star Trek Gear For Your Final Journey To The Stars

Eternal Image has announced a line of Star Trek funeral gear. Great for that last trip into the heavens. Featured is both a Star Trek Urn and a Star Trek Coffin. Are you geeky enough to demand this gear in your will? The Star Trek Urn is designed to resemble the 24th century feel of the United Federation of Planets ...

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